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Dogwood Lifestyle Blog

  • How We Renovated Our Patio Area

    Like many others lockdown provided us the time to get stuck into our garden. I shared my ideas for this space previously and now you can see it jump from paper into reality. As we were in the midst of lockdown we couldn't get many new supplies so we used what we already had. 
  • The Story of our Ceramic Leopards

    View this post on Instagram Talking about the first Dogwood leopard, some funny stories and why we had our own leop...
  • What I Wish I Knew When Starting My Business

    If I knew then, what I know now... what tips would I give to someone starting, or thinking about starting, their own business? 1. Start from where...
  • How I Quit My 9-5 Job, Survived A Breakdown and Started My Own Business

    In January 2019 I received my last guaranteed pay check. With that I walked away from a high salary job I had spent three university degrees and th...
  • How to Visualise a Renovation - Outdoor Dining & Office Space

      This summer we decided to tackle our rather overgrown jungle of a garden. When we moved in there area outside our back door was home to a patch ...
  • Dogwood Lifestyles Real Tiger King!

    Our friend Silvestro and his team make every single ceramic themselves and painstakingly paint them by hand - just as they have done for over 50 years.
  • Colour Palettes Spring / Summer 2020

    Here we present our trend forecast colour palettes for spring / summer 2020. As spring eases away from winter, nature begins to wake up and offers us a fresh, cool palette. Shades of blue and grey are soothing in their simplicity but can be warmed up with tobacco shades. This will be echoed in interior style through a mix of hard and soft textures, think concrete benches with sheepskin throws, opaque glass vessels filled with dried prairie grasses... Dogwood Lifestyle
  • Behind the Scenes with Colieco Lingerie

    Behind the scenes at @VauhausHQ for @colieco_lingerie, props @DogwoodLifestyle
  • How the general election will affect your choice of décor

    Would you let the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson choose what colour to paint your living room? How about the opposition, does Jeremy Corbin strike you as the perfect Ikea shopping buddy? I imagine not, however the two leaders of the key political parties will have influence over your fashion trend choices whether you like it or not. Let me explain.

  • Welcome to Our Blog

    'Our Store' behind the scenes at Dogwood HQ sharing what we are up to & new product designs 'Biz Series' offers tips for those setting up and running their own businesses 'Styling & Design' takes a look at our creative work from set design to trend forecasting 'Lifestyle Design' focuses on how we can improve our lives