Styling the 70s trend - 70s House Manchester & Refinery 29 Feature

orange wall with 70s graphic colourful wallpaper, a monstera plant and a ceramic vintage tiger statue


’70s Homeware Was Loud, Eclectic & Optimistic. No Wonder It’s Back

We are thrilled to have been featured in Refinery 29 piece on 70s interior style. In the article you can see the custom made large tiger statue we created for Estelle Bilson of 70s House Manchester and BBC's The Bidding Room fame. Alongside her favourite Dogwood Lifestyle exclusive tiger and leopard head planters. Here is an excerpt from the wonderful world of 70s vintage vibes:

If you want to take a step into the world of '70s interiors, you don’t have to go all in like Estelle, Isabella and Yvonne. Try a softly-softly approach, choosing key '70s pieces to style as part of a wider eclectic home design. As Camille Montalbo, an American-based thrifting aficionado, told R29, "The way the furniture mixes together is pretty effortless." Key pieces of furniture like chairs and tables end up being statements which mesh well with other eras thanks to the simple lines of the design. Camille’s Sling chair remains one of her favourite finds for that reason... Read the full article here 

screenshot of products featured in the article with recommended items to shop and buy including a leopard and tiger head ceramic planter

If you would like your very own custom made Dogwood Lifestyle ceramic leopard, tiger or other ceramic do get in touch to discuss options. Especially for Estelle we created our 'Arlo' large leopard as a tiger and we dressed up our large pink flamingo Margot with gold touches who we fittingly named Estelle! Here are some of our favourite shots of Estelle's incredible home, do follow her on Instagram @70sHouseManchester  (all images copyright Estelle Bilson).

vintage ceramic tiger statue attends a tea party in a balloon filled room!

vintage pink and gold flamingo statue in a 70s interior home with 70s wallpaper and plants

large leopard tiger head floor planter plant pot with cheese plant in 70s house 



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