Supported Charities

I guess its kinda obvious we love leopards right? But did you know our real life leopards are very much an endangered species?
Thats why we pledge to sponsor leopards each month, meaning each and every time you shop with us you are helping us support these magical creatures. We promise that as our small business grows we will also grow our donations. 
I fell in love with big cats as a little girl when I was introduced to the film Born Free. I watched it over and over again enchanted not just by the lions but by the work and care of characters Joy and George Adamson. It was the actors Virginia McKenna and Will Travers and Bill Travers who went on to found the Born Free foundation who we are thrilled to support in sponsoring their leopard family. You can find out more about their work here
We also sponsor the Amur leopards with the WWF. I was shocked to hear there are only around 100 Amur leopards remaining in the wild with their habitat constantly in threat so wanted to do whatever I could to support them. You can read all about the wonderful work of the WWF here.  In 2022 we extended our sponsorship to the Snow leopards and Tigers under the care of WWF too. 
In founding Dogwood Lifestyle I set out to have a fun job that I enjoyed, as the brand grows I am humbled to find that I can use it to improve the lives of others too. Not just by bringing some fun into your homes but by supporting our beautiful planet.
My big dream? To one day be able to support our very own charity helping older people adopt older dogs. We nickname it 'golden oldies' and I cannot wait for the day to make it a reality. For now I personally do my best to support as many dog charities as I can because I feel there are many ways we can make our world a better place.
Love & Leopards,
Some of our small recommended charities:
Millhouses Animal Sanctuary 
Rain Rescue
Nanas Haven 

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