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What is the Dogwood Lifestyle? 

Dogwood Lifestyle is a creative lifestyle and interiors brand offering creative solutions, consultancy and an interiors e-store. 

The Dogwood Lifestyle ethos goes a little bit deeper, let me explain...

In 2018 Nat, our founder and CEO, found herself seriously ill. Ill from exhaustion, anxiety and depression. She was burnt out. She had worked hard for the past 20 years slogging though the education system and finally finding herself in that 'dream job' she had envisioned when setting out all those years ago. What nobody had told her however, was that working in an underfunded, hierarchical corporation wasn't going to be a lot of fun. In fact it was a time-bomb ticking away at her physical and mental health. Then that time-bomb it went off. 

A lot of soul searching and research later, Nats realised that she had prescribed herself to a life set out by somebody else. A life that many people are also feeling stuck in. You go to work, you work hard, you have a secure job - but not too secure as your boss will often remind you, don't want you sitting comfortably. But, what if all this is bullshit? What if you don't have to have a side-hustle just to earn a little bit of extra money? What if you can actually work on your own terms? What if work could actually fit around YOUR life and not you struggling to fit everything around an all encompassing job?

That's where Nat really started thinking, our mental health is so neglected, its no wonder depression and stress are at all time highs. So she went back to the beginning -where do we all start our day, the place that so many of us dread to leave on a Monday morning? Our bed, our home. Our safe haven. She then went on to discover for many people rather than feel cocooned and relaxed in their home, it actually added to the stresses of everyday life. Clutter the main culprit, closely followed by disliked rooms, uncomfortable furniture, awful decor from previous inhabitants and so on. 

If your job makes you feel stressed, your home makes you feel stressed, how do you go about not feeling stressed?

With an academic research and lecturing background in art and design, Natalie wondered if she could approach life problems with creative solutions. Turns out you sure can, which is how she developed 'Life-styling' and the Dogwood Lifestyle brand was born. 

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Showroom & Studio: Dogwood Lifestyle Studios, 124 Albyn Works, Burton Road, Neepsend, Sheffield, S3 8BZ, United Kingdom. By appointment only.

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