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'Stop Screwing Yourself Over!' – explaining self-limiting beliefs

Graphic with text 'stop screwing yourself over' identifying self limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs are things we unconsciously do to limit ourselves. This can occur especially for people who want to change career or leave a job they feel stuck in. It’s the feeling that you can’t do something, for whatever reason, the feeling you are trapped or stuck.

I’ve been through this myself. I suffered a breakdown in the end, suffering with depression and anxiety all because I working in the wrong environment for me. Knowing there was a huge problem my husband and I discussed different options to improve my situation. But we were both blindsided because of our self-limiting beliefs. We go to a point where the only solution that we could come up with between us, the ONLY solution to solve ALL our problems was to move house, to an area that we didn’t want to live in, because the house prices were really cheap.

Looking back of course it seems bonkers but we so stressed we couldn’t see clearly. We were both in ‘good jobs’ but we felt we had no money, because in truth we were wasting money, because we were unhappy. We were blowing money away instead of being conscious of what we were doing with it. So we thought we had to save money, we never considered how to make more money or how to use our money in a different way. We were just so stressed that was the only solution we could come up with. So off we went on this mission viewing houses in the cheapest, run down areas to find this mystical super cheap house. One even had bio-hazard bags in the front garden! But neither of us at the time thought WTF are we doing! 

This is why I want to help people who might be in a similar situation to what I was in. It took me getting to rock bottom before I realised that something drastically needed to change in my life and it didn’t have to be like that. We shouldn’t feel trapped or that we are a prisoner to our jobs.

We trap ourselves in our own heads. For example is there anything you can think of that you’ve always said you would love to do? Perhaps start your own business, travel to Hawaii, run a marathon… but first of all I you think you need to lose 2 stone in weight , or maybe save 20k, or maybe you will do it after Xmas, or maybe when it snows in August! Are you seeing a theme? There is a huge difference in having a logical plan and limiting yourself with impossible scenarios.

I have a task for you:  write down how many times you’ve said ‘I would love to do XXX but only when XYZ happens’ and usually it’s a pretty impossible task such as saving that 20k! Really have a think and keep a journal on what you manage to identify.

Do let me know what you find, what is holding you back from your dreams? All will be kept anonymous but I think it will help if we see how similar we all are when it comes to self-limiting beliefs. I will then share and do a post on how we can start to move past these – because we can!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Nat x