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Colour Palettes Spring / Summer 2020


Here we present our trend forecast colour palettes for spring / summer 2020. As spring eases away from winter, nature begins to wake up and offers us a fresh, cool palette. Shades of blue and grey are soothing in their simplicity but can be warmed up with tobacco shades. This will be echoed in interior style through a mix of hard and soft textures, think concrete benches with sheepskin throws, opaque glass vessels filled with dried prairie grasses. 

 As spring heats up and flows into long summer days we retain this easy relaxed palette, layering it with warmth found in golden ochre, deep brick red and lush dark green. These are rick colours, but see these colours sat in the shade or after a sudden summer downpour rather than their stark, sun-bleached counter parts. 

 To make a statement these primary colours can be set alive with bold contrasting shades. Pale wheat and blood red against Ultra Blue (Little Greene) and Green Sea (Valspar). Highly pigmented colours are key. 

Putty is a softer tone on the concrete palette, evoking feelings of protection as we feel safe behind building walls. Introduce life by adding colours from the garden, blush rose petals, warm pink peony blooms and lush green foliage. We create our own cocoon.  

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