Why 'vintage'?

Our 'new' leopards are based on the original designs from 1980s and produced by the same Italian factories who created them back then. They are made from the very same original vintage sculptures and moulds and hand painted with just as much love and care. This means a leopard made today is almost indistinguishable from an 80s original! So yes, they are new but also kind of vintage, 'new-vintage' if you like? We didn't feel 'vintage reproduction' was quite the right term, since they aren't reproductions as they are made in the exact same way. 

As each item is handmade there will be small variations in the colours, facial details and on the surface of the glaze, these are not imperfections merely natural occurrences of a real handcrafted product making each and every piece unique. We personally love that no two are the same, giving each leopard its own character. 

We began selling ceramic leopards with our genuine curated vintage collection back when this store was exclusively vintage and antiques. Our customers however adored them so much we just couldn't hunt out enough vintage ones. With this in mind we did some investigating and were absolutely amazed to find that the Italian factory who made some of our beloved vintage leopards in the 1980's were still making them today! Our friends in Italy make every single ceramic themselves and painstakingly paint them by hand - just as they have done for over 40 years. 

Due to the hand made nature of our ceramics we only have small batches and they often sell out, so we now offer our pre-order service where your very own leopard (or other ceramic) will be made to order just for you. We started with leopards and now offer a whole range of big cats such as cheetahs, tigers and panthers in a variety of sizes. Flamingoes, kitties, poodles and all manner of other beautiful animals have now joined our family. 

We must also mention our world famous pink leopards, especially Frenchie who got her main character moment on Apple TV's Ted Lasso alongside Juno Temple. 

From the 80s to present one thing is for sure, these beautiful leopards will never be out of style!

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